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In reply to rumors, floating on the net. FreeDO has NOT SOLD copyrights, know-how
or any legal rights to anyone. Any rumors on this matter are plain speculations.
FreeDO is (c) by FreeDO team 2002-2012.
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GYM VGM VGZ(Genesis/Megadrive), HES(PC Engine),
SAP (Atari Pokey), NSF NSFE (NES) , SPC (SNES),
Was released today on iTunes App Store. You can get it here.
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Checkout new application from FreeDO developer - ANYPLAY, the only tracker and videogame player for iOS devices. Visit for more info.
We've just released sources of main portion of FreeDO (the emulator core).
It is compilable under gcc. Go grab it from
Example QT Gui frontend sources, PBUS plugin and XBUS plugin sources will be added soon.
The site was moved to new host.
Finally we've fixed all issues with the hosting.
Also -- we've released new WIP version of the emulator
Download it in our Downloads section
New features are:
1) new ARM core
2) new VDLP
    a) fixed PAL (Hordes)
    b) now only 640x480
    c) new interpolation
3) Transparent fix
4) DOOM fix
5) bin/cue support
6) ASPI no needed now
7) some disappear poligons fixed
8) MADAM Cycles counter used (may some compatibility affect)

Applause to Max!
Happy new year everybody!

Yeah, right...*sarcastic* :(
We got our new year's present -- our hosting provider decided to crash on us --
check details here...
Our forums are inaccessible, as was the website for 2 days.
We're working on this and the forums and cool new stuff will be up soon.
Thanks again,
Public beta 1.8 released!
Grab it from downloads page
Finally site is up again!!!!
We're experiencing large problem with MySQL database handling with
our current host provider. They are working to solve it, but it took them
too long already. Next step -- change the hosting provider. :(
We've just launched new forums engine.
Please be sure that all your properties are preserved during convertion
Please not me of any bugs or problems
Thanks to Aaron Thomas for providing us complete SDK software for M2!!!
Now M2 emulator will steem ahead!
New ports are coming out...
Also -- long expected 3DO to USB adapters
Please read the forum for details
Well.. after long idle period we're glad to release new version of freedo.
Go grab it from downloads.
Ok, first homebrew programm is running on 3do multiplayer :).
Homebrew SDK, codenamed "Phantom" started to show first result. Wait for 1st screenshots.
Please read post in General - Freedo - Open Source?
Beta forums opened to EVERYONE to accommodate new release of Beta 1.6! Please, observe rules (check for duplicate problem already posted, avoid \"me too\" posts, be brief and yet be accurate in problem description, give link if possible to \"*.mes\" dumps in your C:\\ root (or post last few lines of it in your message). THANKS!
Beta 1.6.2 released. Go grab it :)
We're experiencing some problems with our host. Forums may not be accesible for few hours.
Please be patient.
We are glad to announce the homebrew development support for 3DO multiplayer.
Read more on our forums.
HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2004!!!!
We still didn\'t got any response nor sorry letter from the one who have distributed the private beta version.
We think that currently we will put the FreeDO project on hold, waiting for an excuse letter.
The final \"unhold\" date and reason will be considered latter.
All team will be accessible on forums, and will be ready to answer your questions.
The board script bug was finally fixed. So now every one can retrieve their lost passwords, as well as new members will get the temporary password to working mailbox. --Admin
In the mean time we\'ve released Beta version 1.4 to public. You can download it from our downloading page or from our project status page. Also i\'d like to announce, that one of our private beta 1.4 was leaked to public. I will not tell who was the origin of leak, but i\'d like him to contact me personally with excuse, otherwise i\'m afraid we\'ll close private beta testing team. -- Admin
FreeDO X ( MacOsX version of freedo) is getting close to release. Stay tunned -- Admin
After long waiting we are glad to announce the upcoming release of FreeDO 1.6. --Admin
NEWS FLASH! Admin just showed me the latest internal build, and it\'s actually starting to run the 3DO CDs directly. Still some bugs, but it is actually getting there! Another related BIG surprise in store, one which I\'ll keep secret for now... Stay tuned!
Latest news: Our project server died last week. But I\'m happy to report that we\'ve replaced the poor thing (a P3-550 which worked 24/7 for past 3 years) with a new Dell PowerEdge P4-2.8 with 1 GB of RAM and 360 GB of storage. A funny note: the P3 server cost $1500 when new, but the P4 only cost $800 with everything! 5x performance and 3x storage at 1/2 the price. Technology is wonderful. And most importantly, troosh and admin are back at work with the next version! Stay tuned. We all hope that troosh had a great vacation, and that admin will cointinue to recover.
Private Beta 1.4 just reached
the hands of our private beta team.
Wait for their review.
Some site reorganization
Now you can access fresh compatibility list from our Project Status page
Also the Documents page is updated
Check out our new screen shots of upcoming MacOS X version of FreeDO.
Finally. The public beta version is available for download under "Project Status" page.
1st beta testers group just got their beta versions.
Getting ready for Beta. Please check our forums!!!
Check out our new screen shots.
Well it's almost 1 year since we started this project.
A lot of interesting time have been spended by our team during this year.
And now, we're glad to announce, that soon we'll start the count down till the release
Thanks to all you, who've been supporting us.
Also, please check our Status Page
Ok. Starting from today i can spend more time with FreeDO.
So wait for the news :-)
Great breakthrough... The First Emulated game for 3do console

Happy New Year!

Few more screenshots..

Thanks to :
Jay Elrod

for their donations. Thank you for your support of the project.
Does any one recognize this screen? :-))))))

YESSSS we've got huge breakthrough tonight (it's 3:18AM here). Fresh screenshot can
be seen in our screen shots page
For questions please visit our forums.
For your convinience we've created news mailing list. You can find details on our news page
Or send empty email to and follow the instructions.
Now our forums are accessible through left side menu
or by direct link
Finally. The site should work with major browsers now.
Should any bug found - please make report.
Thanks to Gil Megidish for his donation to the project.
Details you can find on our donations page.
Ok. Today we achived HUGE breakthrough in XBUS emulation (that bus, where CD-ROM is connected)
Another great thing is -- there will be 2 emulators released in almost the same day.
PocketPC version and Win2k version.
Requirements for PPC version are --
PocketPC 2002 OS
32 Mb RAM
Some storage -- like IBM Microdrive 1Gb or so -- just to fit your game in :-).
Special 3do joypad to usb interface
BTW -- By the time of it's release it will be the only version supporting ISO files.
Thanks to Crawdaddy79 for his donation to the project.
Details you can find on our donations page.
:-) Well.. We are at the point to anounce small contest...
The goal -- to get nice logo/splash screen for our emu.
The logo can be sended in any format, with next parameters

1. Size == 320*240
2. BPP == 24 bits
3. It cannot include REGISTERED 3DO logo
4. It must have artist' signature (small, at bottom right edge)

The contest pictures must be placed in the messages at the contest thread in the forums.
Once again we had some problems with routing to our site. :-(
Well there are some updates in our website and the project. Please pay attention to our donations page,
our FAQ page and our status page.
2000.... hmmm..... where have i seen it? ;-)
Some strange problem happened with our site. Please read the forums :-/
Well! Great news!!! visited more than thousand times! :-)
We are glad to announce, that recently we've got some breakthrough.
Our current status you can observe at our status page.
A death has occurred in the FreeDO family!
August 6 2002 - Hod Hasharon, Israel (AP) - A famous developer's
hopes went up in smoke tonight as his son accidentally sent the
family's beloved 3DO FZ-1 console to an untimely death.
The console was the centerpiece of an effort, headed by
Felix Lazarev, to code a software "emulator" as a replacement
for, and a monument to, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
Efforts to revive the console were deemed hopeless by Felix,
who immediately rushed to his friend's side as it expired.
Of course, he moved his son, Mark, away from the unit to avoid
danger to him as well.
"I'm just devastated. It was just sitting there, popping and sparking,
emitting a horrible, electrical stench. I wish I could blame this on the
terrorist networks, but unfortunately it was my own child who caused this
tragedy to occur. And he destroyed it with the simplest, and yet most
dangerous, object: a glass of cool, fresh water!" Lazarev broke off the
interview at this point, sobbing. Further requests for interviews were
declined, and the family requested that no photos be taken of the body, er,
smoldering pile of chips and plastic that remained.
Funeral plans have not been announced. Donations may be made to the FreeDO Preservation
Foundation in lieu of flowers.
Finally admin got some face. :)
Well... here they are... Guess what? ScreenshOOts :-)
Let us announce some small contest --
Please guess, from which games they were taken?
We waiting for your answers on the forums.
Winners will be awarded, by choosing them as first beta testers!
Wow, i've just found that there was an coin-up arcade,
based on M2 HW just take look at
News? Ahh... yes, NEWS :-) So far we got almost all scripts/pages working, We are glad to announce, that we starting to upload some content to our site. As soon as it will be done, we will create an redirect page on .
Also our links section is updated now. So... see you soon.