Developing an emulator is not easy. Developing an emulator with no corporate
support, no documentation, and no hardware or software is almost impossible.
The stories we could tell of the rare and exotic stuff we have hunted down and
bought for this effort would be worthy of an adventure movie. Our developers have put
in outrageous hours in order to bring the 3DO experience to your PC desktop.
We have spent thousands of USD just to get to where we are now. We're in beta now,
we're finally proving that this can be done and that we're for real. How, you ask,
can I help? That's where each of you may come in. If you can help, we'd appreciate
a donation to help defray these costs. No matter how small or how large the
amount, please click the link below. If you are able to help us with these expenses,
we promise to put it to good use. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this,
and please enjoy the emulator. In any event, we look forward to providing the world
with the first and so far only 3DO emu, and we thank you again for your support and
your consideration!

3DO Dev. Station #1 $720 -$720
FZ-10 Pal console $25 -$745
IDA Pro Advanced $495 -$1240
IDA Pro Advanced $495 -$1735
FZ-1 NTSC console #1 $51 -$1786
FZ-1 NTSC console #2 $60 -$1846
3DO Dev. Station #2 $750 -$2596
IPC@Chip debug tool $150 -$2746
Flatbed scanner $75 -$2821
FZ-1 Debug console #1 $48 -$2869
ARM developer book $30 -$2899
FZ-1 Debug console #2 $133 -$3032
ARM Reference book $30 -$3062
ARM SOC Furber's book $72 -$3134
DHL/FeDex/USPS expences $150 -$3284
Donation $1 -$3283
Donation $1 -$3282
Donation CrawDaddy79 $50 -$3232
Donation Gil Megidish $5 -$3227
Donation Iceman2k $5 -$3222
Donation Jay Elrod $15 -$3207
Donation TommyboyX $20 -$3187
Donation Daisaku Itou $10 -$3177
NetSol Domain renewal (2yr) $60 -$3237
Donation DavidRose $70 -$3167
Donation jaylav $50 -$3117
Donation HorrorBiz $10 -$3107
Balance -$3107